Episode 170: How To Get Ghosts’ Money

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In our episode 16, we talk about a story of how to sell a ghost and I just love those stories that ghosts are sometimes tricked by people. Today we will tell another story from the book ShuYiJi 述异记 from the Liang dynasty 南梁 between the year 502 ~ 557.

In the book it says, there was ghost ran into the yard of a person’s house. The ghost was tall and wearing a pair of shorts. It sometimes sang, sometimes tried to talk like people and sometimes threw rocks into the house. The owner was so annoyed by the ghost and shouted, “I am not bothered by any of these. I am only scared if you throw money at me instead of rocks.” The ghost really believed it and started throwing coins into the house. The coins hit the owner’s forehead and he didn’t care and shouted to the ghost, “I didn’t feel anything being hit by those coins. I am only scared of black money (the coins that worth more)” After a while, nobody knows where the ghost found the black money and kept throwing into the house. After a while, the owner got hundreds of bucks.





述异记 ShuYiJi


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