Episode 199: Are You A Ghost?

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Today we will talk about a story of who is the ghost. The story is from the book ErShiLu 耳食录 from the Qing dynasty 清朝 around the 18th century.

In the book, it says, in the place called YunYang 云阳, there was a forest where it was believed that many ghosts and spirits wondering around and scare people away even during the day time.

One day, a strong young man let’s call him Mr. A walked passed the forest. He was so scared to encounter a ghost. Suddenly, another young man let’s call him Mr. B started to chase after him. Mr. A was so afraid and shouted, “ghosts! Ghosts” as he was running away. However, he was tripped over by grass and almost hurt his feet. Meanwhile, Mr. B caught him and helped him get up. He said, “don’t be scared.” Mr. A didn’t hear what he said and start punching him thinking he was a ghost. Mr. B then shouted, “ghost! Ghosts!” and fought back.

While they were fighting, a man wearing headband came and asked what they were fight for. Mr. A and Mr. B both pointed the other and said, “ghost! Ghost!” The man with headband smiled and said, “you are both tricked. There are no ghosts.” Mr. A and Mr. B explained themselves what happened and apologized. Then Mr. A and Mr. B said, “now we have three people. Let’s be companions and walked together. We won’t be scared this time.”

They didn’t walk very far when they heard the man with headband laughed behind them, “you guys are so magnanimous! You aren’t afraid a ugly man like me. ” Mr. A and Mr. B turned around and saw the man with headband became a giant and half black and half white. Both of them crawled on the ground and yelled again, “ghosts! Ghosts!” Then the ghost disappeared.





耳食录 ErShiLu


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