Episode 219: Ball Game

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Today we will talk about a story of two kids. The story is from the book ErShiLu 耳食录 from the Qing dynasty around the 18th century.

In the book, it says in the past there were two kids in the city Chang’an 长安 one wearing red and one reading white. They played around on the streets. When the red kid past a gate, he would throw a red ball on the ground. The white kid would pick it up. They played the game together and laughed and had a lot of fun. The red kid threw the red balls faster and faster while the white kids couldn’t pick them all. They played and left together. The red balls that weren’t picked up all disappeared.





The next day, the city was on fire. The houses where the red kid threw red balls at all turned into ashes. Only the houses where the white kid picked up the balls still stood.



耳食录 ErShiLu

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