Episode 69 : Greedy Ocean God

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There are always some strange things happening on a sea voyage. Today we are going to talk about a mysterious Persian guy and a greedy sea god.

In the book TaiPingGuangJi 太平广记from the Song Dynasty 宋朝, it says there was a man from Persia, which is Iran today, traveled in China. He stayed at on hotel for a night. The piece of rock at the gate of the hotel got his attention. So he offered 2000 bucks for it from the owner of the hotel. The owner thought it was just a piece of random rock which happened to be at his gate and was so glad to earn 2000 bucks for it.

The Persian man cut the rock in half in front of the crowds who were interested in him and his purchase. A precious stone was revealed from the normal dull looking rock. Then the Persian cut his armpit and hide the precious stone in his body. So apparently this mysterious man from Persia knew this stone worth a ton.

On the voyage in the ocean back to his home country for about 10 days, suddenly, the weathered changed. The ship battled with the wind and waves and finally was about to sink. The captain was experienced and knew it was the god of the ocean asking for something. People on the ship started to looking for things that were precious on the ship and couldn’t find any. The Persian man didn’t say anything until the last minute he was going to drawn and cut his armpit to take the stone out. The captain grabbed the stone and held it high above his head shouted, “if this is what you want, please take it. ” Following the words, people saw a huge hairy hand coming from the sea and took the stone. After that, the weather returned to be sunny and everyone survived from the voyage.

In the book it didn’t mention who the god of ocean was because there are different versions about gods in charge of different water regions in Chinese mythology. We will talk about it in the future episode.


太平广记 TaiPingGuangJi